Faq (Help section)

We can put you in front of customers no matter how they search. As well as being listed in the online Business directory, we'll give your listing to search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, mapping sites such as  Google maps and a range of other specialty sites. We'll also make sure your ad reaches customers using devices like laptops, smart phones and tablets.

Our monthly reports make it really easy to monitor the performance of your advertising in the Business Directory. If you utilise our Perfomance Report, we can measure the number of enquires made to your business, customers viewing your ad, rankings of your listing on search engines. There are lots of important statistics captured in your report, making it really simple to see a return on your investment.

Showing Ratings and Reviews on your Business listing or Profile Page, allows customers and businesses to  gain a better understanding of, each other. Ratings and Reviews can help customers make better, informed decisions as to the exact business or service they require; while businesses can have much greater exposure on the web.  Reviews on your Business Listing will also allow word of mouth to work as a powerful advertising tool for Business Directory Zimbabwe business users, potentially leading to more business lead opportunities.